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Alex is an award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist who composes for film and media with a diverse output ranging from horror to romantic tear-jerkers to 3D animation.


"I've had the pleasure of working with Alex many times as he was my composer of choice for each of my short films. He is a brilliant collaborator, a joy to work with, and the results are simply phenomenal. Alex is an incredibly versatile musician whose talents cover an impressive number of genres and instruments. He exhibits a great wealth of theoretical and technical knowledge, but more importantly, the ability to translate complex musical terms into lingo a director is comfortable with, and vice versa. He can easily deal with directions such as "this needs more melancholy" or "we need more excitement which abruptly changes to subtle fear". What is more, he is not precious about his work - there has never been ego which makes for an enjoyable and healthy work environment. Thanks to Alex' music, my films are more beautiful, more thrilling, more engaging. I cannot recommend him enough." 

Chris Keller, VFX supervisor (Man of Steel, Total Recall, Assassin's Creed)/Film maker 


"I’ve worked with Alex on my short film, The Shadow of Cairo, which was nominated for Creative Excellence at The Smart Screen Creative Awards, 2018 and was selected in an Academy-qualifying film festival. His scoring of the film was brilliant and truly in harmony with the story; he brought to it the emotion I was looking for. Aside Alex’s obvious talent and passion, he has been incredibly cooperative and responsive throughout the post-production process. I’m definitely looking forward to working with him again" - Tara Shahata (The Shadow of Cairo)


"Working with Alex was an absolute pleasure. Always reliable, consistent and friendly. He's extremely talented and produced an amazing theme song for our children's show. Would definitely recommend him to others!" - Kenny Ekundayo (Pom Pom Creates)


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